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2002-02-21 00:33:17 (UTC)

No Dad

Hey it's me Courtney and yes I do have I dad and he is
alive but lately it has been kind of like I don't have a
dad b/c last year around January 10 or so my dad was sent
to Korea for a year. That was hard enough not to see him
for that long sure I got to talk to him now and then but
seriously it is hard not haveing a dad for that long and
Now he is back in the states and all but I live in Augusta
and he lives in Macon and now I see him on the weekends but
still it's kind of like not haeing a father he is not here
for me to talk to during the week and I know most of you
who are reading this are prolly like well that's life deal
with but here is a dose of reality for if this happened to
you how would you feel if you would like to tell me then
leave me a note by clicking the button if not it doesn't
matter just as long as you realize that a dad is really
important in your life and don't take it for granted b/c
one day he might have to go to a foriegn country for a
while and you don't know what might happen so please don't
take having your dad around for granted! Well, Till my next
entry this is good-bye!