victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-02-20 23:49:51 (UTC)

damn you all

i hate people and people hate me it's a mutual
understanding we have really i'm not some fucking pawn in
their stupid game either in the way or a sort of blockade
not to be shoved aside or pushed to the ground they can't
deal with opposition too much to handle stupid people are
there just to annoy me i'm surrounded by morons everyone's
dumb but me now that's not a good way to think but
sometimes it feels like that like today when it feels like
hell and misery's been unleashed and it's coming only my
way murphy's law is a curse the worst kind damn you murphy
whatever can go wrong, will and indeed it did you stupid
kids today was so shitty but it started out so pretty i
found this really soft kitty you pussy get away from me you
ruined my day you shall rue the day when i'll blow you all
away with my mind bullets and piercing glares do you feel
that? bitch how dare you stare that's it time to beat your
ass you deserve it, you goddamn world you destroying my
happiness deserves a beating the pain is fleeting can't
stop from meeting the introduction at the conjunction of my
fist to your face know your place in the world it has
nothing to do with me so excuse me while i step over you to
kiss the sky and enjoy a champagne supernova with my
friends who i hope will be there to the bitter end a true
friend stabs you in the front let me be blunt go away far
far away so i don't see your face out of sight, out of mind
or does absence make the heart grow fonder? a kinder state
of mind i was bouncing along you struck me blind didn't
even see it coming now i'm just left in the dark with
nothing to ponder and wonder but how you all should leave
me alone and how you all suck

yet it's more of a licking really...