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2002-02-20 23:44:54 (UTC)

Back together....

Well... if anyone has read any of these entries, you'll
know that I broke up with my girlfriend of a year (friend
for life)... Well, that happened the day after
Thanksgiving... Now's the news, last Sunday night, I went
out with my brother after sleeping for most of the day
after work... We went to play pool and drink a couple of
drinks, which we did. While we were there I missed a few
calls on my cell phone... One was from his wife the other
was from my ex... we have been keeping in a reduced level
of contact, with lots of interesting deep conversations...
Well, something happened Sunday night, cuz I called her
back even though it was late, usually, I'd just go to bed
thinking I could call her the next day... well, we started
talking and continued until 3:30 in the morning. Somewhere
around 3 I decided I would go see her, since Monday was a
holiday for her and me (although I did have class)...
Anyway, I live in CT and she lives in Maryland (D.C. area),
so I left around 5AM and got there by 10:30... We had a
great day and I ended up staying another day (missed
another day of classes)... I love her so much, we had so
much fun and I'm glad to say we are back together... she
has put up with sooo much... I'm such a jerk and she still
loves me unbelievably... I love her too and I'm going to
work as hard as I can not to lose her this time... Anyway,
I should get on with my life now and keep this entry

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