victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
2002-02-20 23:20:12 (UTC)


i sigh heavy enough to move the clouds across the gray sky
a day so promising: promises unkept and potential not met I
overslept and missed the train; now i'm going insane
running dangerously low on happy pills - yet to have my
fill some days you get the urge to kill yourself but
without the consequences that would be nice (to kill
yourself but not die and still live) that would be nice
three blind mice for my dinner it's a killing thrice, add a
pinch of death spice with american rice - full square meal
but i'm in the mood for a circle feeling so listless listen
can you hear or smell the fear in the air everywhere
anywhere all around us but you don't care let's stop
pretending and face the facts you don't care i don't care
let's move on with our lives self-interest will destroy
progress for all the call of the ktulu what a great song
why the long face? well i felt sigh that moved the sky and
that makes me sad but it came from me so where are we and
that makes me mad a kick in the face that'll wake me up but
a comforting hug would work better chains hold us back from
killing others so we turn the chains upon ourselves and do
it ourselves and lives unfettered by rhyme and reason,
logic and law no one can tell from whence we fell the truth
is easily hidden but from eyes escape what was spiritually
divinely mentally sexually emotionally physically forbidden
how fitting it's choking your stroking not knowing your
flowing it's soft and nice but it shouldn't be that's not
allowed but how i want it to be don't you see i'm so tired
just breathe into me that would make it so easy weak in the
knees bee's knees cat's pajamas slip into something more
comfortable just stop looking at me my eyes say what i dare
not sleep is what i got what i need at least don't feel
like thinking so tired my mood matches the day the day
matches my mood we make quite a pair truth or dare what you
choose says something about you look at those clouds go