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2002-02-20 22:55:01 (UTC)

Rebellion is stupid

The idea of rebellion really is an oxymoron. Well, i guess
not totally, i really mean more of a counter culture
rebellion, EG "punk". But this really isnt my point. My
point is more that, a person shouldnt waste their time with
the idea of rebellion, but should instead not bother
acknowledging the other people and should live entirely for
themself. Living and doing things because of other people,
whether for the benefit or deficit(spelling?), of others is
really what ruins people and our society. A society should
be built upon people living entirely for themselves. At
first one might think that this is ridiculous because each
person would be greedy and everything that is done today
would never get done. But this is not true because if each
person was living for themself then they would do what
their passion is and that passion would serve to be
something that could be bartered, EG services, goods,
whatever it is. And if they could no longer do their
passion they would begin to work for their basic means of
living. I'm not communistic or socialistic, or capitalistic
for that matter. I admit that it would take a lot of stuff
for this to happen in complete purity and that currently we
can only really exist with a person existing in my ideal
way in a capitalistic society, though not everyone could,
or if everyone did the system would either mold or
collapse. Eh, its under-developed I know, but ive never
been great at wording things. I'll more than likely build
on it but who knows

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