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2002-02-20 22:47:12 (UTC)

What has gone wrong with style?

I just got back into wearing jackets, am currently wearing
my blue cordoroy one. And have recently obtained two
others. Though their colors are sort of slap in the face. I
also got a brimmed hat. I must say that these are some of
the most comfortable clothes I've ever worn. And they look
so much cooler, don't do any advertising, as convenient as
that aspect is. Also the fact that I got them at the thrift
store makes them much less to worry about because they're
cheap. The only points of our style which I think has
evolved are, Pants, and Socks. Pants, because they have all
those neat pockets, which makes so much sense to have pants
covered in pockets, in case your in a 7-11 when it is
declared that terrorists have poisoned the water supply it
is 12 more bottles of water you can take. Socks, because I
got this really comfy pair by adidas on accident when I was
trying out shoes and they made me buy them. They have
ridges that are tight in just the right places, *moans* its
like sex for the feet, well more like masturbation. Back to
my point. The clothes that are currently worn, I am mainly
addressing the style for girls, are not comfortable. I have
not heard one person say that they are comfortable. The
pants that are tight, the shirts that show off every part
of the upper body. Why are these sexy? Because they leave
less to the imagination? Isn't it more fun to just imagine?
Personally I am repulsed when I see the fat girls wearing
the tight clothes, especially the obese ones, but even
baggy clothes wouldn't help them. But baggy clothes can
hide, big boobs (which I dont really know why people find
them attractive... Nothing more than baby feeders and while
running jigglers), it can make the girl look skinnier, or
fatter, leaving the guess to be made by the person looking
(though it is fairly easy to tell by the face). Anyways
thats me.

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