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2002-02-20 22:46:49 (UTC)

My mind is dawning...

I sat down to write a piece. And for once, a piece actually
came out. Something that I am willing to claim as my own.
For background, I have been working on my individual music
seriously for nearing a year, and about 4 years of off and
on crap. Mph I feel bad advertising myself but I feel
obligated to spread my music
I am still searching for my passion. I don't know if it is
music. But I had this idea that was very amusing, and yet
very interesting to me. Art, currently is very limited,
only to the eyes, ears, taste, and smell. Though Taste and
Smell are limited to the cullinary arts which havent been
very developed yet, at least not to the extent that music
and the visual arts have been developed. Touch has not been
developed to my knowledge (Correct me if I am wrong). I
need to test my idea for developing this art, then I will
post on it. It would deffinatly be pretty hard to present
without a damage to each thing, then again it is that way
with the cullinary arts. Thus meaning more than likely it
wouldn't be a high priced thing, but that really doesn't
matter. And so I intend to begin my experimentation.
I also have begun to make my new instrument, which is yet
unnamed. It is to be a melodic percussive instrument out of
coconuts. I have 2 nuts done completely but need to come up
with a way to mount them ([email protected] if
you have ideas). They sound pretty cool. Hah, I am
seriously doubting that anyone reads this but thats

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