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2002-02-20 22:46:29 (UTC)

A beginning of a world that is great

I'm switching off a different site so bear with me.

I have decided that when I'm done with all my entries in
this journal, which I am fairly sure that I will know when
it happens. I am going to take all these notes and piece it
together into a book.

And anyways.

I am grapling with the ideas of pure individualism. Here
are my current beliefs.

I think that a person should be able to stand on their own
two feet, they should rely on other people at any time.
This is an idea I feel I must clarify. A person cannot go
through life without using other people. But I do not think
that if a person were to loose the person that is
supporting them that they should go to nothing, by nothing
I mean to loose their integrity and individualistic self.

I think a person must find their passion and act upon it.
This seems obvious but it is less so then one may percieve
at first. Many, no, most people go through life without
finding their true passion. Caring for the salary of a
profession is not individualism it is collectivism, caring
if you will end up living in a cardboard box or not is not
individualism either. This thought I think that I also must
clear up. What I am saying is that if a person has a
passion for something, I will say music, because I think
that that is my passion but I have begun to hesitate upon
this. They have this passion for music, then they continue
to make the music that they have a passion for not caring
upon whether the market for it is down or any such, and, I
must add, maintaining integrity. This seems so self-evident
but if one looks around in this world one will see that it
so rarely happens that people live this way. I belive that
this is because they are stuck in society and have a fear
of losing their place, whether this is via family, social
stature, or whatever it does not matter. My example is the
person that has a passion for music, yet again, the person
yearns to perform but cannot because of limitations,
societally and economically. Keep in mind I am not
encouraging this idea of "rebellion"(which I intend to
write about later on) but encouraging conformity is just as

One must recognize others that live this way. This is
something that would come naturally if the person did this
in its entirety, the fact that there are so many people
that are so entangled in what other people desire and do
not consider themselves first makes this a difficuly thing
to attain.

Another thing to keep in mind. I am not saying that a
person should not help others. A person should help others.
Well, not exactly should. A person can help others is the
phrase worded more properly. A person should not go out of
one's way to help others. I am not saying that if a person
is drowning that a person should not help that person. A
person should do this (Assuming the person is not known,
and if the person is known and is known to be a person who
has sacrificied their integrity then the person should not
be helped(Note: All these ideas I am presenting are purely
theoretical(and I do know it is hipocritical to have these
ideas and not act upon them(but I think that I might
actually act upon them I am not quite sure) and I must
admit that I would help any drowning person if it would not
endanger my person to a great extent))).

I will continue to build my philosophy in a written form,
more than likely it will not be in this form, but I cannot
guarante anything of my future person, though i try.