LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-02-20 22:19:01 (UTC)

Back orders

I really hate back orders! I hate them with almost anything
you can relate to them. I've ordered some manga that's now
on back order, and I'm also on backorder when it comes to
my chemistry homework. How can I be uptodate with all my
other work and stuff like that, but totally behind on
everything else? It's getting really annoying. *Sigh* I
know most people are saying that I should be doing my work
right now if I'm so far behind, but you know what? I need a
break after a full day of school. Granted I practicly slept
through most of it. I watched 3 movies, so I didn't have to
think to hard on most of my classes. But with the lack of
sleep I've been having it was nice to be able to relax a
bit before having to come back to the choas that is now
more comingly known as home. For almost the last 2 weeks,
my nephew has been here. And he decided that he wants to
share my bedroom with me. So I've got this 5-year that
doesn't want to go to bed, then when he does he doesn't lay
still long enough for either of us to fall asleep. I think
I spent an hour last night telling him to knock it off and
get some sleep. Oh, well...one night left. I guess I can
servive that long.
I got an new e-mail addy the other day. So now I'm
tranfering a whole bunch of files over to it. I'm hoping
that I can clear out my other accounts enough to leave them
alone for more than one day. I've gotten to the point,
where I cannot leave my e-mail accounts alone for more than
about 2 days with out them filling up. It's totally nuts!
So now I'm transfering documents over to this new e-mail so
that maybe I'll have some free space. I'm going to go
through my Yahoo! account and get rid of a ton of the stuff
that goes there. It's getting really annoying every time I
open that account up that there's 30 new messages and all
of it spam. I really hate spam too. I don't mean the food
type either. There has got to be some really great way to
filter all that junk out and let the good mail come in.
*sigh* All these annoynces.
I had a good lunch today. I don't mean the food was good, but I
got dragged around the cafeterias today! Tiki caught SC, then she
pulled me to Ala carte and we got food. It was kind of interesting to
see her acting link she use to before she started dateing Chad. She
did one of the little poses she use to, "making me look just like I
came out of some anime with the really genki main character." He
looked a little surprised to.
They had call backs for the shcool play. I didn't try out, but it
would've been nice to know if the tech crew was suppose to show up or
not. I really hope she didn't put it on announcements. No one ever
hears those things.

Well I should go get some work done. Talk to you later!