The Eye of the Storm
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2002-02-20 21:37:41 (UTC)

40 days of no fun

theres this movie out about this guy that goes 40 days and
40 nights w/ out no sex. a friend i guess you could call
him, doubtful. well hes tired of me and chris always
hugging in front of him. adn tried this on me so i wont go
out with chris but maybe go out with him. ha, ya right.
well he dont think i cant go without hugging him for 40
days 40 nights. i can one arm hug him for no less then 5
seconds. no heres the loop holes in this lil bet. i cant
hug, kiss and so on any other guy for 40 days, but noone
said they couldnt hug kiss or so on me. now did they? i
just cant ask for it. haha hehe i am god. now see he hasnt
found the loopholes just yet, haha hehe im still god. g2g.
some idiot is reading this. later all


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