2002-02-20 21:31:47 (UTC)

the last thing that i wana do is tell you that im right for you

yeah today wasnt such a bad day... i dyed my hair yeay and
saw caroline for a little bit... i have to go to work i
need to make a sale but i probably wont... pam was just
talking to me thats bizarre... its funny how much we all
used to chill and now a lot of people dont talk to each
other its not just me... well whatever. yeay my hairs not
sunny anymore, its not as cool as carolines or richards
really really purple but at least its not sunny... i have
to take my algebra test tomorrow and do my english writing
friday and then i'll be pretty much caught up i think i
hope... well i better go call some jobs before i go to
work. i'll write more later.