No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-02-20 21:28:04 (UTC)

confusion cleared

hey! how are you guys? I'm confused, but that's alright. My
horoscope today completly answered all my questions. I know
what you're thinking, horoscopes aren't very Christian, but
I like them to humor me. Here it is:

Gemini The Twins (May21-June21) Emotionally you're
getting pretty deep today, Gemini. I sense that love
becomes increasingly very intense,especially if it
entangles with your career life. You'll be tempted by
someone intriguing today, but be careful that you don't
bite off more than you can chew. Neptune and Mercury
conjunct, which could cause genius and delusion. Take some
time out to puzzle things out. The moon is in your sign,
but hubris may cause you to loose sight of what is
important to you.
~Lydia Sirhawk
Focalex Daily Horoscopes

Ok, now for the explination. Yes, emotionally I have been
thinking a lot and gotten pretty deep in my head today. For
me, that's kinda scary. Love becoming intense, now that
part isn't relevant to me. Tempted, yes. This guy tempts
me a lot and I know getting caught up with him isn't a good
idea, but for those of you who know me, you know I'm dumb
and I probably would do it anyways. I was wondering
whether I liked this on person, or another today when I got
home. Then I checked my e-mail and read this. What a slap
in the face! The genius and delusion part doesn't apply.
Time to puzzle things put, that is something I
did. ..."loose sight of what is important to you" now that
is awesome. I was beginning to think maybe I'd be better
off without talkig to this one guy, but I realized it would
only makes things complicated. This all cleared up my
questions, but in my head I still do like the otehr guy.
shh! voices quit! lol.
"God has dandruff, and it itches!"

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