In the Eyes of a Dreamer
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2002-02-20 21:17:14 (UTC)


Howdy folks! Yesterday was an interesting day! Sarah asked
me to take a ride to Salem with her so Jerimiah (her
brother ) could go to drivers ed class at Mr Zips. Over
half way there, jerimiah relizes he left his permit back
home. so we turn around, and we have to really speed home
so he makes it on time. i hate speeding, since ive heard
tons of horror stories from my uncle who is a state highway
patrol. So I'm sayin my praise jesuses and hoping sarah's a
good driver, which i know she is but still. plus she's got
that fast little car, don't ask me what kind i know nothing
about cars. but we're going 90 on the 35 back country
roads. I, of course, and shitting myself with fear. But
we're okay! When we got back to sarah's dads house, we had
to baja down that dirt path he lives on (it's a mile long
and muddy as hell). sarah's car was wasted. by the time we
got all the way back to salem, jerimiah had missed his
class (after we got lost and had to ask this scary butch
lady for directions) and they told him to come back
tomorrow. He kept saying he was sorry, so he washed sarah's
car for her and bought us some Frosty's from Wendys. (He
offered a movie, lol). he's a nice kid, I would have just
killed my little brother and got it over with, lol. But it
was more exciting that sitting home alone watchin the

today we voted on military ball themes, if we don't get the
Luau theme i will be so pissed! ARGH! I think that would be
so fun! Course, Ill have a fun time anyway since I'm going
with Jordan (love that guy to death! He's a riot!)

Lol this Justin kid just asked for cyber sex on ICQ and I'm
pretty sure I know him, i think he's a sophomore. LMAO,
sarah will love this, I'm pretty sure hes one of those kids
who got wasted at jerimiah's party a couple months ago and
slept by the fire. teehee, what a goober. what is it with
guys and cyber sex? i mean what's the point? so very lame.
Lordy Lordy.....

Well, GOnna go, Nate needs help on his spaceman diorama!


*wearing camo pants and black tank
*listening to Come Sail Away by Styx! hehee
*reading email and downloading the Nativity in Black II cd,
which I'm pretty sure Someone stole off me when we went to