a little piece of me
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2002-02-20 20:38:47 (UTC)


i finished my metals project today. at risk of sounding
conceited, i must say it looks good. i would definitely
buy it if i saw it somewhere. it's not perfect, but i
think for my first real project in metals, it's not too
shabby. the teacher told me it was good, and she said that
a lot of people were 'really jealous of my ability to
cut'. the spider webs were very intricate and detailed,
and i guess that's what she was referring to. my fingers
hurt so bad. they bleed whenever i wash them lol.

oh, before i forget, thanks again lester :) you're very
talented. thrills me to pieces to see that i've gotten
another message from you. thank you!

ok, there was something else i was going to write about,
but i can't remember just yet. yum. having a wonderful
lunch of green apples and mint chocolate chip icecream.
hehe, i'm so weird. it's fun to be weird. i can get away
with things that 'normal' people couldn't. eh, that's just
me i guess. damn this icecream is good.

alright, well, i guess that's it for now. might write
again later if i can remember what the hell i was going to
write about.