lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-02-20 19:28:20 (UTC)

never been kissed

ok yesterday in chem, it came up that brett hall has never
kissed a girl before...err maybe he has now that he's
dating annmarie, but she's his first girlfriend & stuff so
yeah. and i was talking to 3 girls about it, and 2 of them
were saying how pathetic that was that he hasn't even
kissed someone, etc...but megan, the other girl, was on my
side & was saying how cute it was.

but it's seriously rare to meet guys these days who haven't
kissed 50 billion girls or whatever. and the fact that
there are a few good ones left is encouraging, but it's
discouraging that other girls are giving guys this
impression that it sucks to have virgin lips. i mean i
don't care that much either way, but it's sad that nice
christian boys get criticized for just being nice...mmm hmm.