green eyes
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2001-05-02 00:21:35 (UTC)

back again...

i know some of you know me. i doubt that any of you
remember me though. this one is going to be done
differently, though. what im going to put in here is oages
from my real-life diary fo ryou to read and make fun of. it
should provide for a tiny amount of entertainment if youre
extremely bored out of your mind. eventually we'll get to
present time and then ill just start tying in here. ok i
really dont think you care much abut all of this so ill
shut up now and copy...

december 26, 2000
ok. im goign to write in here now. this is a new book for a
new natalie. an optimistic and forgiving natalie. for real,
this one is going to be different...i promise...

so, the other night when jay was over here, he and i found
my moms pot. i was looking in her desk for some papers and
yeah, i found them. it was in this little cigar box--
papers, a joint, and about a quarter. so, i tell rodd about
it and he keeps joking around saying that she and i are
going to smoke together. well it turned out to be not much
of a joke. on christmas eve when we got back from allan and
barbra's house, im in my room and she just hands it to me--
the joint we found. she said, ''its fucking christams, lets
celebrate!'' so we, mom, and josh. whats going on

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