Vanilla Moon

Pen, Parchment and Hope
2002-02-20 19:02:43 (UTC)

Ramblings and Reaction to Previous Entry

The thing that I wrote yesterday (titled I
Want) I posted in my other diary on my other diarysite
(OD). And a few people gave me a note/comment/message about
it being a good poem. I didn't really mean for it to
be a poem. I just started to write stuff and that's what
came out. The whole thing is the truth, but not
really in poetic style. Or maybe it is in a poetic style
and I just don't know it. I don't write peotry anymore. I
tried to do it when I was younger and I got some kind of
wannabe award and then I stopped 'cuz of all the stuff that
was happening in my family at that point in time. That's
when I started writing in diaries so much. I'm a story
writer. Whenever I start writting I can't stop until
someone stops me or I have to go do something else or I may
eventually run out of things to write. I'll start on
one subject and then in the course of the entry/whatever
I'm writing I'll go off on 6 completely different subjects
and keep going back and forth between things. It gets
pretty darn annoying sometimes. At least it does to me, so
that must mean that it does to other people also. But, then
again I can never be sure, 'cuz I don't have the gift to
read minds and no one ever tells the complete truth
about what they think/feel about something. Right? Right.
Well, that's enough rambling for now.

~Vanilla Moon