hello kitty cat
2002-02-20 18:47:49 (UTC)

the empty bodies stand at rest casualties of their own flesh

So for some reason..even though it's been nice sleeping
in..I've kinda felt like shit. This morning I woke up to my
brothers blowdryer going could have burnt down the
house..the front was all melted..just because he didn't
unplug it like he always says he will. He never does. So
then I was late...What's really pissing me off is the
situation between Joselin and Sam..not that I should really
care but I do...mostly because it bothers Katy so
much...and because Sam blames everything between them on
me. Apparently when Josh and him fight Sams famous line
is "Who do you believe ME OR KELLy!?!"...which is fucking
lame. The thing that Sam ACTUALLY thinks that I
brainwashed Joselin into breaking up with him...and he
asked Katy yesterday "Why do people look at Joselin and I
as being less serious than Jason and KellY? I don't
understand" and it's like what the fuck. Joselin said she
didn't even admit that she was with Sam to her Dad because
she doesn't ever want to bring him home to him..she'd be
embarrassed. She can't stand his pouting and has told me
many times she doesn't plan to ever live with him let alone
IT! I'm so tired of the lies...why does everyone find it
necessary to lie?! There is no fucking point. Joselin is
just waiting for another boy to come along and tell her
that he likes her...she's just with Sam because she wants
someone. I plan on talking to them both...and then whatever
the fuck happens happens..cause I'm tired of all this shit.
I can't wait until school is over and done with...2 1/2
more months and I will be free of fucking high school.