Queen Bee

2002-02-20 17:37:27 (UTC)

on my head.

Hey everyone!! yesterday, i was in one of the worst moods
ever and i have no idea why. its like all of a sudden i was
just pissed off, not at anyone or anything specific i was
just mad. and now i have all my friends worried about me
again. as if them being worried about my disease isnt bad
enough. ever since i was hospitlaized, all anyone has done
is worried about me which i can understand cuz if they put
raven in the hospital, id be worried too, but they are
constantly asking "did you take your pills'? or if i so
much as cough its "are you okay"? i mean i know they mean
well but it makes me sound like i cant take care of myself,
i know they just worry and i love them for that, but they
dont need to worry so much, cuz it makes me feel like an
idiot who cant take care of herself, although i know thats
not how they want me to feel. I dunno. oh emily called
yesterday, the one with the new "attitude" who thinks shes
a "bad ass" I dont even know her definition of a "bad ass"
but whatever it is, she thinks thats what me and raven are
and were not, i mean were a lot more open and crazy then
her and some people and we have fun and do what we want but
thats not a "bad ass" she thinks that me and raven are like
the best things to walk this earth and usually i love em
but this new thing she has goin, shes not only gonna lose
respect shes gonna lose her friends. but she called
yesterday and was like "if i did anything jsut pull me
aside and tell me" to Raven. i really cant stand her at
times. she thinks so little of herself and thinks me and
raven are pretty much perfect. i mean its nice but then she
wonders why guys dont like her and talk to her, one she
thinks so less of herself guys sense it and 2, she comes on
WAY to strong. i didnt even like her when i first met her.
Anyways i must go and fight the evil forces in my shower
(its nasty in there!!)

:::is biting someones neck, drops the body and runs:::