Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-02-20 17:26:57 (UTC)

Laura & Daniel stink

Last night Laura and Daniel told us they couldn't move
in with us when they thought they could because our friend
is getting out of a mental hospital in a few days, and
he'll have nowhere to go, so they feel they have to get a
place with him instead of live with us. I don't quite think
they understand that their $800 a month will make it
impossible to find a place. They have to eat and drive as
well as be housed. We were going to let them stay in our
two bedroom for only $200 a month. Nathan (the mental
hospital guy) might just have to live in the real world and
get a job and find his own place to live, all by himself.
He could answer a roommate needed ad, or live in Daniel's
room, since he'd be living with us. Daniel's room is like a
separate little room on the side of his dad's house, with
no connection to the inside. What makes that situation even
more perfect is that Daniel's room is right next door to
Nathan's best friend and cousin, Shelby. Either Laura and
Daniel didn't even consider that option, or they would
rather live with a freeloading druggie and pay everything
they make to do so. I just don't understand. I don't know
why they feel the need to rescue him. He's a big boy, he
should learn how to live on his own the right way. If he
actually got a job, he could afford to rent a room, and
then Laura and Daniel wouldn't have to break their plans.
We really needed the financial help, and I really wanted to
live with two of my best friends. I can't belive Laura
would rather live with Nathan than me. And the fact that
it's Nathan makes it 10 times more insulting than if it was
almost anyone else. He has no job, he's a druggie, he's not
going to pay any rent, and he's too incoherent to actually
conversationalize with. He's a nice guy, but I'm a nice
girl, and I'm not any of those things. I just don't get it.
Whatever, things always fall through. Life isn't supposed
to work right I guess.
We watched the movie 'Ghost World' last night, with Steve
Buscemi and Thora Birch. It was a good movie, and it had a nice
soundtrack. Garrett and Daniel and Ryan and I watched it. Laura was
supposed to be watching it with us, but she went upstairs to talk to
Jessica for 40 minutes and missed most of the movie. It was pretty
funny, I love dark comedies. This was before they broke the news to
us about not moving in. Laura also told me about a purse she found in
a thrift store that has a western pinup girl on it. She's going to
buy it for me today and I'm going to pay her back. I collect purses,
and I'm really excited about this one. That was also before they told
us. Okay, that's all, bye.