A day in the life....
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2002-02-20 16:47:57 (UTC)

Yippee Stress

Oh it's been a long week or so since i've last typed. Life
has been...oh...interesting to say the least. I long to
just have absolutely nothing to do and just relax, but my
life as it is will not permit such a thing. I guess what i
am stressed over currently is (as usually is the case with
females my age) is men, boys, guys...any other terms you
use to refer to the male species. They are quite perplexing
and i have a lot of them for friends. I guess i just don't
understand their reasoning or thought process. Usually i am
lacking in having a guy to hang out with or talk to, but
lately i have just been bombarded by guys going "eat lunch
with me, talk to me, call me, come visit me, when will i
see you, what are you doing that is more important than
talking to me, are you ignoring me, want to go on a date,
will you teach me how to dance?"..and so on. It is quite
frustrating. Atop everything else, i guy i liked about a
year and a half ago who is 6 hours away from me and is
younger than i am recent broke up with his former
girlfriend/fiancee. I suppose i am his comforting source
outside of his family and guy friends around him. I seem to
understand and everything. and he likes me. He's a sweet
guy. I am just never sure what to do about anything...i
Really want to just stay single as long as possible, not
even date around with anyone, and just hang out with my
boys. Why don't they ever grasp that just because i'm nice
and sweet and talkative with them that i am JUST being a
friend? I guess in this crazy mixed up world that there is
no room for the "nice girls" who do things just out of the
kindness of their hearts. *sigh* good grief.
I have 10 more hours of class work to do for my ExSci class
and i need to do it SOON. Gotta start calling people. life
must progress. Time to go to class...oy vey. God bless.
THANK GOD it's only 17 more days til spring break!!!