Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
2001-05-01 23:41:52 (UTC)

i have no friggin' topic!

Okay so I know it's been awhile and all but, jeesh, I have
been so busy!
Spartanette practice has really started to take over what
life I have. We had a car wash on Sat. and boy did all the
freshmen, (including me), get burnt! I looked like I had
been concieved by a lobster! Not cool! We have finally
learned our whole dance for about tough! I have
to bust my butt major to get through it all. Oh and one of
my life's acomplishments...I have tried to stop using foul far I have done pretty good!
To the Jen chick...I'm sorry I haven't had time to respond
or anything...but I hope I can read your diary really TODAY! Ok..?! "husband"!! We are pretty much like can be so sad mom even called him
son last about feeling a bit weird!
Anyways..Wes and I are doing so-so. I have been so busy we
haven't really had 'time' to be together...but that might
change tomorow...we might go to see a baseball game
tomorow...too bad I hate baseball eh?~! Haha. I might have
Karen Glass ...a friend spend the night
like anyone really cares though hu?
Okay so the thing with Amy has really cooled down...I feel
so horrid for saying all those bad things about everyone..i
mean I had harsh feelings for Connie Kolhouse too but
man...I don't know what has gotten into my head that made
me realize what a selfish person I was being! i mean...Amy
is soo sool when she wants to be...Andrea is just a crack
baby!! Haha..JOKING...andrea is andrea! And Connie is
totally nice now and man has she turned PRETTY! I never
realized that untill today! I look so BAD compared to her!
And while I'm on friends..karen and I have started to
become really close...I really screwed things up with
Clarissa...I tell that story later..and Karen is totally
pretty, nice, sweet...HALARIOUS! Okay so like anyways...i
gosta gets...LATER!!!!