lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-02-20 16:06:43 (UTC)

tuesdays are always good

i always go through the day in a good mood on tuesdays, cuz
i'm looking forward to youth group...especially since this
week, paul said there would be something special. we ended
up watching extreme days, and it was pretty cool. i like
that mooooovie.

but yeah, the rest of my day was pretty good. my mom
flipped out at me for heaven knows what, and apologized to
me five minutes later so yeah. and i bought britt a
presidents' day present, which is soooo exciting for her
and everyone else. and then i talked to marisa, which was
a joyous occasion since i haven't seen her for like 2 weeks.
yeah miss marisa...i missded you!!

and all these missions things have been working out so i'm
stoked...we're actually going to mexico in may now. we're
doing a fundraiser this weekend and my freshmen friends
were trying to convince me to spend the night @ school with
them. ummm maybe.

and i guess i'm not taking the AP test this year, cuz i
forgot to sign up anyway. ahh i'm a bad child. plus i
think i have to take SAT IIs in june or something so i'm
already dreading the tests.

and i've pretty much perfected my post-senior year plan.
haha i'm gonna go live in africa for a few months & then
come back & work at mammoth from november to april. or
else do joshua. ahh nice plan, ehh?

oh yeah, and i really want a ford explorer right now...ahh
yes brittany did you know fords are better? yeaaaaaah

wow so this was a pretty dang pointless entry but that's my
life right now. no drama i guess. and i have nooooo
problem with that.

ps...i am 2 months post-op. yaaay! happy birthday to me!