I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-02-20 15:28:49 (UTC)


Please, just tell me what is on your mind. That's what I
want. That's what a relationship is. I want you to be
happy. If I don't make you happy, tell me. If it's not the
right time, tell me. I can deal with the truth. I guess I
just don't like being in the dark. It goes along with my
power issues. Just like holding the car keys whenever I go
somewhere with someone so I know that they can't leave me,
I want to know what is going on in your head so that I can
be prepared for whatever is coming. Life twists and turns
in many directions, and you rarely ever see those turns
coming until you're already in them. I know this. I
understand this. But each curve and twist is different for
each indivdual and the only way for others to know how your
life has changed is to tell them. I'm sure I'm guilty of
not speaking up when my life is changing, but I'm trying.
That's all I ask of anyone. My main goal is for people to
be happy. It's both a wonderful thing about me and a really
bad thing too. But overall, that is what I want. I can't
stand seeing those that I love sad and unhappy, and will do
everything in my power to change that. Does it work? Nope,
not most of the time, but I have to try. I have to. I don't
know why. Just let me in, tell me what you're thinking. How
you're feeling. Please.