rubby ducky
2001-05-01 23:35:33 (UTC)

spring is here...

unfortunetly allergy season is here too.
i have asthma, and spring always sets me off.
so for the next couple of mos. i will be be doped up on clariten.
my wrist is still very sore, i see my doc. in two weeks to talk about having surgery to repair the nerve damage.
my husband has been acting odd. he has been more compassionate lately.
he usually just jokes things off.
oooh...he did piss me off last night.
i tend to say "oh my god" when something bad happens or im shocked about something. now my two year old has picked it up and my hubby has been getting onto me.
damn it...he is the one having my son repeat gross stuff cause he thinks its funny.
go figure.