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2002-02-20 15:22:52 (UTC)

hey im here @ danielles and she..

hey im here @ danielles and she is still sleeping and well
theres alot of things going on in my life thre guys ,friend
and school andmore.well theres this kid i like his name is
anthony and i think hes so hot and funny but my friends
hate him espeacialy my best friend danielle !then theres a
kid named angelo and he is really nice 2 me an mad kewl
and hes hott to !! but he just broke up with one of my
best friends.and then mertin i really amnot lieing him
right now!he is like always talkin bout one of my best
frieds natalie!he sweats her and so doesevery1 else @ me
school just kuz shes a smalllil girl but if u met her in
person shes a real bitch!!andthen theres frends! well i gt
alt of friendsfrom eveywhere but ive had 5 special friends
4 while and now that i think bout it werereally bad of a
group!we call ur selves CANNDE C~cecilia A~amanda N~natalie
N~nicole(me) D~danielle E~erin .well not all of u get along
no one in there right mind would go out with erin and
cecilia and your elf! helllls no!erin is to hyper 4 cecilia
and cecilis just a stupid bitch somtimesalways screamming
AAAA we dont need that espeacialy in the morning!!ne ways i
gotta go cuz ithing daniee is wakin uo! 143 *1*