Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-05-01 23:26:36 (UTC)

...attention for my underwear...

The title was part of exactly half the sentence of a
thought I was just thinking.


I was thinking about purging today...

No, I have never done it.

But ya gotta start somewhere, huh?

Bad me....bad

I was thinking about something recently (I know...I think
more then a regular teenager....once again, bad me...Bad!)
and actually it came from reading someone elses diary on my
old diary site.....

When you start to cut or purge or whatever harmfull thing
you look at it as almost something kewl. But
soon as you're too far into it you wish you had never done

My slow did I just sound?

I've stated the obvious.'s so obvious but everyone choses to ignore it.

Me included, of course.

I want to speak and type in my usual "Big wordy-ness" but
right now it seems stupid.

I want to speak in my less common "slang" but that seems
stupid as well.

So...I just won't speak :OÞ