Visions Of Life
2002-02-20 14:04:17 (UTC)

Cosmo- The Feminine Bible.. *laughs*

Yes, I admit it. I read cosmo. Glamour too. One of the
things i love about cosmo is how it messes with the minds
of women everywhere by making them think their guy loves
them or hates them, all based upon something as stupid as
his sock color. I love it. Okay, and because i am restless,
I am going to quote cosmo..

6 Clues He's Committed:

1-He talks about his ex

2-He's slacking on complimenting you

3- He doesnt jump your bones every night

4-He doesnt want to spend as much time alone with you

5-He's disagreeing with you

6-He stops making advance plans

**If you want to learn what these clues mean, buy the
newest cosmo because Im not going to type out the whole

What I find amusing is that half of these "clues" meant he
was cheating on you in last months issue.. lol

So, I guess if hedoesnt fuck you every time he sees you he
either loves you or is getting pussy elsewhere. *laughs*
Its so great!

Anyways.. my manager is a complete dumbass. He needs to be
tortured.. Honestly, I do not think he has any idea how to
run an assisted living center. Thats the trouble with
Mariott. You can transfer from hotel to healthcare, despite
if you know jack shit about healthcare or the elderly. Its
frustrating. I do not like him. I am glad I have the
opportunity to avoid him because if I had to look into his
eyes, I might snap..

Work is annoying. Life is great. I am happy and madly in