Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-02-20 14:00:25 (UTC)

Update I guess

Wel, it's been a while since I wrote & I think that's just
because I have felt so down. Lots of issues lately. None I
really want to discuss or put down, because blocking them
just feels better. Huh.

It seems like every time I am about to be caught up or get
ahead in any way, something happens & I just get smushed
back down, or dragged back on my timeline.

I thought I was going to cme out ahead on the paycheck I
get Friday, but I need my car looked at & have some
additional bills & so I won't.

I was sick last week, soI haven't been able to exercise
(strep throat & then big time congestion/head cold. I can't
really tell if that is clearing up or if I am just keeping
the level of decongestant/antihistamine in my body so high
that I can't tell its there.

I kind of dieted, because all I felt like eating for days
was soup. I can really see the weight I have put on since I
quit smoking last month. I mean, when I walk by a mirror I
can see it, so its not like it's a "slow gain" that I'm not
aware of. I am so aware of it. And so, I am going to follow
the dietary habits of a guy I work with for a month or 2.
It's an unhealthy diet, because your body requires certain
amounts of things, but dammit, this guy lost a LOT of
weight, FAST. And I want in on some of that action. So if I
have to do a diet that is not well rounded or a couple of
months, then by damn, I'm gonna do it....