Excess Mental Energy
2002-02-20 13:43:57 (UTC)

good morning!

My bio exam is in two hours and twenty-five minutes. I am
experiencing a strange numbness of feeling about it, like
it doesn't really exist or something... we're all going to
walk into the lecture hall and Dr. Hennessey's going to be
like "Gotcha all! Exam? HA! You thought I was going to
give an exam?" Wouldn't that be nice...

I can't figure out how to get the dust particles out of
the corners of my little mouse square thing on the laptop.
I broke all my good fingernails so they're of no use, and
I'm at a loss as to how exactly to clean one's mouse
thingy in the first place.

Got my hair cut and colored last night - it's really short
but at least it's uniformly blonde now instead of hte
weird striped effect I was getting as the roots grew in...
I really had forgotten what my natural hair color looked
like, and upon examining the root growth I was struck by
just how dark it really is when not chemically altered.
You always knew I had a dark side....

Off to school now; i hope you all have as good a day as I
am optimistically planning to have. (Here's hoping that
will last past 11 am...)