2001-05-01 23:12:41 (UTC)

Boy Trouble!!

Ok so I've liked this boy for over 2 years. We went out
once for two days, but then we broke up. We had never even
seen eachother we had just talked to eachother a lot on the
phone. I was new to the school and I had a really good
friend who liked the same boy I did. There were two parties
that weekend and I wasn't invited to either of them. My
friend told me that he was saying some pretty bad stuff
about me. So I believed her cuz she was my best friend and
I told her to dump him for me. But of course she just
wanted to break us up so she could have a chance. That was
last year 1999 in September. It's now 2001 in May and I
still like him! I keep telling myself that I'm over him,
but really i'm not! I just can't help it. He doesn't like
me, he likes my other friend. I asked him if I ever had a
chance with him and he said no, but he said I did the first
time. I don't think that's right cuz we didnt even know
eachother and it wasn't my fault. But he is only giving me
one chance and I used it already! I can't get over him!!!
What am I going to do??? Please write me with some ideas
ASAP! I can't stop thinking about him, if only he would
start thinking about me!!