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2002-02-20 05:56:19 (UTC)

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Today was absolutly erin and I had planned on
going to the sac at anyways I set my alarm, and I
guess I didnt wake up when I shut it off, so anyways I woke
up all on my own at 8 and was all confused and had
absolutly no clue what was going on( I thought I had gone
to the sac then realized I Was in bed...) anyways
after like 2-3 min of pondering my current situation i
rolled back over set my alarm for 930 and went back to
sleep, so my alarm went off at 9:30 and again I was still a
little confused(i thought I missed class or something, i
dunno...), much less that the first time, but confused none
the I reset my alarm for 10 and went back to
sleep...this time I woke up feeling okay and not confused
in the least...the rest of the day was just as crazy...I
had class, then went to the library to study, then came
back and quilted, then went to more class till 7ish then
came back and quilted some more, then went to a meeting,
came back and quilted some more, then watched real world,
quilted some more, then went on a mission to figure out how
to transfer stuff from a little mini tape to an actual tape
cassett...That was interesting...I had gone to the store
today to find this stupid adaptor, and the woman sold me
the wrong one!!! Stupid girl...haha :) So anyways my
quilt is coming along quite nicely, and I'm excited brian
is going to hang it on his wall when I am done :) I
finally talked to him tonight :) That was so nice...we
kinda had more of a "your my best friend talk" rather than
a mushy gushy talk....but sometimes you need those right?
I mean he is my best friend, so why not!? anyways it's now I must go quilt some more or be productive or

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