Bitch & Moan
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2001-05-01 21:37:59 (UTC)

Life in the slow lane

Well, here I am again...I just don't know what to think
about myself sometimes. I still want to do whatever I can
to get Mr. B to accept me and that means acting like a 12
year old with puppy love. I have cowered, showered, poured
my love out to no avail. I need to just stop! AND the
worse part is that I went onto AOL last night (he doesn't
know I have it) and he started talking to me...he thought
it was some stranger...hardly....but he was telling "Kim"
from RI with 2 kids what an awful cheater I am and that he
would never get back with me and that he has never TRULY
been in love. Nice. So, fuck him. I need to just worry
about Tracy, Paisley and Alexis. I don't need anyone
except my girls!
I will write more later...I am just not in the mood right