2002-02-20 04:22:04 (UTC)

The Post Office

The post office is the center of our little town.
Almost everyone goes and picks up their mail there every day
and I always run into people I know. There have been times
I've gone to pick up the mail and stayed an hour or more
chatting first with one person and then another before
finally heading home.

It's only five blocks away and in nice weather --which I
define as not pouring rain-- I walk. It's a good and easy
way to get a little exercise. The only part I don't like is
crossing the highway. There are always big trucks going by
and they often seem to be going just a bit faster than the
35 mph speed limit through town. Still it's only one lane
each way so I shouldn't use that as an excuse for taking the
car instead. I do wear a good wool hat that covers my ears
though. I've had enough problems with those ears and I
don't want any more!

I love getting mail. Except for bills. I get magazines and
sometimes cards and I subscribe to a lot of catalogs. Right
now I'm looking through seed catalogs. My favorite is one
from Fragrant Garden Nursery. They sell sweet pea seeds.
That's it. Nothing else. They're my favorite flower and
I'm planning on just where I'm going to plant some this

I usually chat with the postmaster too. His name is Prince
Anderson. He saw my quilt magazines and told me his grandma
is a quilter too and she lives with his uncle on a farm
outside a town in Texas. He told me the name of the town but
now I've forgotten it. He said they have a quilt show every
year and his grandmother loves to go. She's 94 years old
and she quilts some every day. I hope I'm still quilting
every day when 94 years old. Ha! I remembered the name of
the town! I knew it'd come to me if I just ignored it for a
few minutes. Mineola, Texas. That's the town near where
his grandma lives.

John is working a 12-hour graveyard shift tonight so I'm
going to go to bed and watch some of the Olympics and then
maybe read some. I never sleep well when he's not here.
Gavin says he has to "defrag" my computer and I don't know
quite what that means except it sounds vaguely like it might
blow up so I think I'd just rather be at the other end of
the house anyway.