My Life.............
2002-02-20 04:17:55 (UTC)


Well, there was another guy, Richard, he said he loved me
and i did love him, but, i messed things up yet again
I plan on going to Illinois at the end of March, i emailed
Jeff to let him know, i dont know if he was nerveous or
happy.LOL he asked why i was comming there and what town, i
had to ask him what town he lived close by cause the bus
doesnt run threw his town, and i got a one word email back,
and i sent him another email but he never answered back,
Andria says im going to be disapointed, and i know that,
but, i have to see for myself, then maybe i can finally get
over him... i dont even know if he wants to meet me, i
asked him, but, he never said yes or no, so, who knows, but
ill find him one way or another im going to see him.LOL