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2001-05-01 20:56:33 (UTC)

I ve met a lot of nice people..

I've met a lot of nice people the past few days at the
Citizenship conference. Wow. But I'm glad it's over
tomorrow, because I'm really tired. Maybe that's because
I'm sick, but I need a break from this craziness. And
classes on thursday and friday, I can't deal with them. I
really can't..But I'm having fun.

Oh, I also need to relaern French.

On another note, there's this special person I know, and
I'm a bit confused. I mean, why is he showing interest in
*me*? I mean I'm just your run of the mill average person,
so it's just odd that this person shows interest in me..
Either way, the whole situation is mind boggling..*sigh*