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2002-02-20 00:53:04 (UTC)

Not that way - solution would be more worst

I was trying to be things I used to be. But I could not.
As I dream my friend Mel went with a tough or coward.
He made her cry. I know by a movie I watched today on tv
set. She is only trying to disguise herself with a tough
face. She is a so sweet people trying to be a shell.
I will care her as she cared me. Trying to be in war with
false enemies did not work. She was treating me as she
thought she deserved to be treat.
People will not hurt her anymore. They will not have a
chance anymore.
I walked with friend Carol to Park today. She was going to
her boyfriend house. I would tell her more than how happy
I was. Because I was with her.
I will tell Mel how I am in pain all nights or just be
her last year. Anyway she was asking for help when she
was trying to help me.
God is it better to be an Angel than a hero. People we help
anyway will be the wind beneath wings. A song I heard in a
midi file from internet. The Wind beneath wings.
Tomorrow. I dreamed last night I was eighteen years in
future. A dream last year I was twenty five years in future.
All kinds was nature and better people in the streets. And
there was nanocomputers discret to help us in commerce or
I will tell all true about my feelings to her. It worked
someday when enemies told her lies about me. That I am in
pain afraid of her be in danger. And never could reach
her path of light again.