Lifeless Glitter
2002-02-20 03:50:54 (UTC)


Today, I was somewhat depressed, but I talked to Meredith
and Brook at school today and they cheered me up...then I
went home. I sorta still like Tyler, andI don't know why he
doesn't talke much. Gee, maybe because I'm a freaking
idiot? Hm...naw, that's not it...hehe.
I can't believe I took Matt's advice...of all people. Well,
no one else really told me what I should do, so I made a
complete idiot of myself thursday. That day already sucked
enough. Matt called me hot again today...he is scary.
Seriously...I need to move faaar far away from Matt.
I watched a new show today. It was sort of...scary. The
people that were supposed to be Brook and Logan
were...reeeally scary. Don't ask.
This entry is going to be cut short because I have to go to
sleep so the sea monkeys can possess me...and I hope they
possess you too. Sweet dreams.


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