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2002-02-20 03:47:25 (UTC)

Why Group Therapy is better than Melrose Place!

Ok i know that all i have been doing is bitching and being
whinny in my journal so i will try to watch that and work
on it...but not tonight. Just got out of group. It was very
much he said/she said and 'they' are fucking tonight. Since
i don't live in sober living, i assumed that these rumors
would not touch me. The popular relapse rumor that is
going around is that Bubba (who missed group for a week b/c
of the flu) had relapsed with me (b/c he is living on the
couch) and that b/c of him staying with one of his co-
workers overnight (who is a known crystal meth user) and b/c
of my 2 false positive drug screenings (which are known to
staff and group as being false) that we were doing meth
together. I know it's a lot of things to string together
and it is entirely coincidental that these events happened
like this...but i guess i can see why the group would think
this...very melrose place.


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