punker waiting for godot
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2002-02-20 03:08:09 (UTC)


alrighty then.... i am soo hyper right now, which makes no
sense. my ear is burning, my nips are sore. whoa! almost
sounds like pms. ha ha ha. i crack myself up. i guess that
issue is not funny. sorry.
i walked all over today, cleaned off my desk and wrote a
bunch of songs i didn't like, then tossed them.
refound beef jerky at the market and ate the whole bag.
what a mistake. gonna play cards with the guys tonight.
always a good yuk when we get together. i know no
rehearsal or a show, whats up??? rehearsal got canceled on
account pig hadda work late and is tired.
on a brighter note i emailed someone i don't know on the
net last night and she wrote back. hi sara:) i really
don't know anything about this betty but i liked what she
wrote on some survey. hows that for a change i'm stalking
someone now(no just kidding) as apposed to getting stalked.

o.k. so update on all that business. seems like all
stalker chics have been good or not interest or over it(i
hope) cause all is quite on the western front. i guess
moving twice helped too(not cause of them).

insect liberation, when do we want it? we want it now!
the humpers are so geniuses.

seems like the guitar auditions for "Rebuilt V8" are going
on for ever. but it's worth it if we are to revive this
monster of a band to do it right.
like blink182(i think) we have auditioned thousands of
people and there is more still calling. whatever, i guess
we can be more picky that way. man in l.a. you can reach
out and always touch a guitar player here no matter where
you are. this morning at the market i got on the cashier
pa and announced that my band was looking for a guitarist.
one guy from the produce, one guy from the freezer isle and
a clerk from the back came running to the register. i was
mostly kidding, but to my surprise the clerk guy sounded
like he knew what was up. so i gave him a number and a date
to audition. the whole time the cash register lady was
looking at me like i lost my marbles. maybe i did along
time ago and i never really cared.
i happy, it's all good.
just adjusting to sleeping alone is hard. i like to cuddle,
say funny things in a girls ear and bury wood if it's all
like that. i have girls that are like cuddle partners(thats
we do) but right now they all have boyfriends.

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