humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2002-02-20 02:58:46 (UTC)

the right kind of wrong

yaeh so wednesday night jason calls me up and breaks up
with me over a span of about 2 hours i cried i was pissed i
didnt know what to do and then on saturday i ent to zero
and i made out with some guy named robby who by the wayi
have talked to every night since then and even hung out
with once and he really really likes me and i dont hardly
like him like at all actually i dont like him at all but
nobody knows that becuz everyone likes robby and blah blah
blah but he like thinx i should devote all my time to him
when we hang out and i am like riiiiight NOT but yeah the
kid has met me twice and like loves! and yeah so
anywayz and then jason found out right and oh at jasons
hockey game on that sunday i was like all over anthony
cosmado and jason saw but yeah he found out bout robby and
he was pissed as hell and just all this shit went down and
we fought for i dunno how many hours about it and yeah
whatever we came upon the agreement that we r just
dating...meaning nonexclusive but i told him before that if
i found out he was going out with some other girl i was
gonna be pissed as hell becuz oh he cant have a
relationship with me but he can with someone else...NO...
so yeah we r just dating but my dumbass puts out to
much..god i'm such a slut!...actually i think i really am i
mean jason is the only guy that i have ever done anything
besides kissing with but still ... i feel bad i'm like
playing him and robby and i dont want to but i duno what
the hell to do or how to get rid of robby...oh thats so sad
that i just said that... but yeah becuz i was with jason
for 9 hours yesterday and and we had sex twice, once for an
hour...AN HOUR i am so sore u have no idea and yaeh i gave
him heard and he ate me out balh balh blah...aand he told
me he loved me again i didnt say it back i didnt know what
the hell to do.. argh i mean it totally seems like he just
wants play... i need a guys feedack.....julz

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