Oh Captain
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2002-02-20 02:55:59 (UTC)

Let's try this again, shall we?

Cool blue reason empties on the page,
Your colleagues are in prison, and your enemy's enraged.
-Cake, "Cool Blue Reason"
I tried doing a journal here under the guise of
"Pannych," but figured that this would be much more
exciting in the long run. This isn't your typical's
really a book first and a diary second. My bud Matt and I
started writing this as a duet-improv novel, but I think it's
turning into something else entirely. Kind of a
philosophical treatise/mixed biography/extended
metaphor/projected autobiography/societal criticism of
sorts. All of these at once, but none of them exclusively.
Bits of truth filled out with fiction, sometimes toned
down with fiction. But if you must assume, assume that
it is a work of fiction foremost. Because what is real
and what is artifice is not the point, the point is that you
think. Question, react, interact, these are the
inspirations that we wish to provoke.

At some point, likely after we think we've finished but
equally likely beforehand, we'll go over it form the top &
check for consistencies & the like. Maybe do some
revisions, additions, subtractions, divisions, whatever.
Anyhoo, I'm posting the four chapters we've got now,
and we'll probably churn out about a chapter a week.

A note on organization: entries headed with chapter
numbers are part of the book, and all else is
supplementary to it but entirely unnecessary.
Nonetheless, all material herein is copyright 2002 Matt
Cooper and Travis Faust. You can reach us at
[email protected] & [email protected], or AIM
us at Edgecrusher6422 and Cerilius.

Oh, and if you're wondering, this does in fact tie in
somewhat to my other little Project. Everything ties in.
It's all about getting people to question. Think Grimms

We know what we're doing.