Sprinkled With Love

The Taming of the Wild
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2002-02-20 00:39:48 (UTC)

A lil Introduction

Ok...well...i'm not sure about this diary thing. I was on
Open diary for a while, but then i deleted it for my
boyfriends piece of mind. And when i went back to OD, it
was no longer open to new writers...so..i found this one.
Im not sure if i like it yet..i don't like that i can't
change my colors and all, and its not as cool as OD was,
but i guess i'll deal right?
Anyways, lets get down to an introduction. My name is
Amanda, Im a student at Frostburg State University in MD,
where i am a Biology Major, hoping to do Shark Research
when i graduate. (no i am not a dork or an idiot) I have
a great boyfriend named Edward. We've been together for a
year and for almost a year and five months. (will be a
year and five months on March 7th) He's a firefighter in
PA, which i totally love about him. He doesn't know it,
but i think he's so brave, and i'm very proud of his
firefighting. Sometimes it gets a lil redundant, like
being left in a car in front of a firehouse, or left at his
house or whatever, but i am used to it, and im not about to
tell him no, cause he's out there saving lives, and what
kind of person would i be to prevent him from doing so? So
anyways, I love my firefighter. I think he is the one! I
hope so at least!
Other ppl that it would be of used to know before you read
my diary are: Ashley-She's my roomate and a friend from
elementary and highschool, she's a great friend. Nick-
Ashleys b/f, and soon to be my roomate come next year, also
a great friend. Matt-another soon to be roomate and great
friend. Anthony- the on again off again friend. Who knows
whats up w/ that story! There are a few others, but not
worth really mentioning. Well...i guess that will do for
the introduction. Oh..one more thing. Feel free to IM me
on AIM at smurfette042582, or to email me at
[email protected] Hope you stick around to follow
my diary entries! Take care!