ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-02-20 00:38:04 (UTC)

FlogGinG MolLy is ComMiN

Well i just finished typing up part of my lab for
Science. Tomorrow we get to make ice cream!! wooo
woooo, ... i bet our's will taste like shit though. I got
kinda scared today cuz i felt like i kept having to piss so
i would go to the bathroom and everytime i did a little bit
of blood would come out. I think its cuz me and Chris were
having sex on Sunday (today's Tuesday, which is why its
weird that im bleeding now) but ya, i got in truble on
Sunday cuz i said i was going to Whitney's, but really i
went to Chris's and mi parents found out (damn it sucked)

But luckily they didnt know that we were having
sex, no no, i shouldnt say that, Chris says 'makin
love'... heh... srry Chris, and so they grounded me 4 2
weeks, took my phone, and then the next day they said i
was 'ungrounded' and they gave me back my phone (ya!!!)
and they were all like in good moods and stuff so that was
cool. Ohhhhh it was funny, today in P.E., Jennifer
was talkin to me and she was like "I had sex with Justin on
Friday!!!" and i was like " OH!, me too! but with
Chris!" (Justin is this really funny looking guy that
likes Jennifer and Aureilie (they twins) and they are
soooooo cute and stuff and i know they could get way better
than Justin, but they like him and Jennifer had sex with
him before Aureilie, and if she found out she'd be sooooo
pissed..... but No OnE's goNnA teLl her.......
soooo yaaaa, Me and Chris have had sex twice
now,... the first time on Valentine's Day, but he was kinda
tired so it wasnt as good as Sunday and i didnt bleed that
time, but i did a little today. HE wasnt at school
today cuz he's sick... poor baby... and i told him i'd call
him when i got home (which was like 3 hours ago) so i
think i should probably call him. well
later! :) (thinkin of CHris makes me happy!)
oh yes, and Flogging Molly is comming to The Bash On Ash
on March 20th (i think) and i am soooooo there!!! and
Chris and Melanie are going with me !!! i love going to
concerts with them!! well bye again!