a little piece of me
2002-02-20 00:27:54 (UTC)

work, work, and more work! but i love it

damn, i'm in some serious pain here! i just got back from
working on my metals thingy. i was in the damn shop for
six hours today! doesn't seem like i got anything done!
actually, the box is done except for the bottom and the
top. i still have to cut both out, file them, and sand
them. all by tomorrow! we get to work on them in class,
so tonight i think i will get the bottom done and attached,
then work on the top in class tomorrow. it will take me at
least 2 more hours to get the bottom done. i think i'll
watch 'that 70's show', then head back over. i'm so tired,

ugh, today i disected a bobwhite. fun fun. hehe, my
partners were grossed out cause i was playing with the dead
bird with no gloves on. i only did it because they got so
freaked out. besides, they had been frozen for who the
hell knows how long, so any viruses or diseases would have
been killed off. i also helped the disection with no
gloves on. it's easier that way anyway. it wasn't as
gross as i thought it would be. i guess i've done it so
many times i've just gotten used to it.

hehe, konrad kept hurting himself today. i would crack up
every time, and he would just make faces at me. i think
after a while, he was doing it on purpose. he's a little
odd, lol. he's also been wearing solid black clothes to
class lately. i'm not sure if that was just coincidence,
or what. he never did it before. oh well. oh, i had to
look up someone's number from my hometown for him, so he
told me if i ever needed anything at all, he was my slave.
i was a little freaked out by that part, but it was still
kinda funny. eh, he's crazy.

alright, well, my poor bloody little fingers can't type
anymore, so i'm gonna have some corn pops, kick back, watch
some tv, then get my ass back to work. tschuss!