Visions Of Life
2002-02-20 00:23:33 (UTC)

My Sex/Love/Relationship Tips..

These are just random sniplets of advice that I have
decided to write down. If you do not like what I have to
say, too bad. I have someone who loves me and I get laid on
a regular basis so fuck off.. Not to be fiesty or
anything.. lol

**NOTE: These are sexually based because the sexual side of someone
often reveals a person's hidden side.. If the person only cares about
getting themselves off, they most likely dont care if you are happy
in general. Etc Etc**

#1- If you do not get any play on a date, it isnt really a
date. It is dinner/movie/whatever with an
aquaintance/friend. Note: this does not apply if you are
with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

#2- If she wont suck your dick or he wont eat your pussy,
move on. Do not waste time on that person because they are
either greedy, prude or gay.

#3- If he/she makes you wait longer then a week for sex,
move on. No point wasting the time and energy on someone
who is afraid of being sexual.

#4- If the person is a bad kisser, move on. There is
nothing worse then a horrible kisser. Ruins the mood. Find
someone better. None of this "teaching" bullshit unless it
involves a ruler, skin tight mini skirt and a blindfold..

#5- If the sex sucks, move on. The frustration of a bad lay
isnt worth sticking around, even if you love the person.

#6- If he/she says I love you within the first few months
of dating, they are most likely crazy or obsessed with the
thought of marrying you. Run! Run! Run! If they say I love
you within the first week, they are trying to get you in
bed. No one falls in love in a week. In that case, fuck
them then move on.

**Okay, Thats It For Now.. More Later**