Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-19 23:24:30 (UTC)

I hate being Clumsy!!!

Ok, well I just realized that I didn't say anything about
my "fall". Ok, it was the end of the intermission of the
2:00 show and I was rushing backstage and like Steve and
Mike were right there... *breaths* And I was stepping over
a bag and my foot caught and then Steve like shoved me a
bit and I lost my balance and fell flat on my face. Jeez,
I mean only me! But I actually wasn't that embarrassed, I
did hit Steve really hard after he helped me up though.
Ekkk... *grumbles* ok off that subject. Oh! I actually
saw Doug today at school today and he stopped and talked to
me! Wow, talked to weird little me! Can you imagine! ...
I wanna drive my car so bad! I stuck my No Fear sticker in
the back window today. How sad am I? I mean, I freaking
drove around the block just so I could drive my beautiful
car :p Heh. Laninovich... *purrs* I need to armoral (?)
the dash and stuff...
My Racer X came today! Wooohoo! Yet again the post office
trashed it! Piss me off! I swear, how hard is it, just to
keep one damn magazine in tack!
18 more days! Or more... Yeah random...
Neu Disease has a burn protection on it, grrrr. Just
another little annoyance. I'll get over it too. Well, my
Dad left for Atlanta today, and I have no idea when he'll
be back. Heh... SX in Atlanta this week... grrr, not fair.
April 27, I can wait... I would rather not tho...
Well, ... school was dull as usual. I went out to lunch
with my Mom. I can't wait till I can drive myself out to
lunch! Heh... *mumbles* ok, I'm done for now...