Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
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2002-02-19 23:14:27 (UTC)

Let Me Be One

Earth Mother,
Ground me in strength.
Open my eyes that I may see thy beauty,
As well as thy bounty.

Lift me up with joy.
Teach me to soar as the clouds do,
And to look upon my kindred with love.

Guide me down the path that is mine,
That I may learn from my mistakes,
Yet be comforted by thy presence.

Show me how the rain is a blessing,
Fire, a renewal,
Earth the womb,
And Wind the breath of Life.
Let me feel the Spirit connecting us all,
See Akasha binding all into One.

Let me be amazed by all that is around me.
Let me be astounded that all are One.
Let me be One.

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