Baby Story
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2002-02-19 22:52:26 (UTC)

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The past weekend was a three day "long weekend". How
relaxing. My aunt and uncle came to visit for the weekend,
which was really nice. We went swimming in their hotel,
out to eat, to the NYS museum, and a whole bunch of stuff.
It was nice to have some company, and get a chance to catch
up with some of my family that I don't get to see often.

Nelson and I are planning a ski trip, A VACATION!!!, next
weekend. His family and I are going to Lake Placid for 3
days to ski and relax. I asked my doctor again this
morning if I could ski, and he was fine with the idea, as
long as I know my limits. I am SUPER EXCITED to get away
for three days next weekend too!!!

Nels and I are doing wonderful. I had a doctors
appointment this morning. I have gained another EIGHT
POUNDS!!! EEEK! So thats a whopping total of 14 pounds
gained now. Youch! I gotta slowwww down. My belly has
grown to be 40 inches though, which is really big. hehe,
or atlease I think. I know, I know, lots more growin to
go, but I feel big... beautiful!!!, but big! I am feeling
the kicks more and more often EVERY DAY! Its amazing to
feel a little person inside of you. The doctor had put his
bet on the baby being a girl, being that the ultrasound
didn't show ANYTHING, like NO BOY PARTS! Its surely not
definite, but its exciting to hear a doctor say something
like that. Especially since the ultrasound, I have thought
the EXACT SAME THING!!! ( Opposite to my initial
premenitions of the baby being a BOY! ) I guess we will
just have to wait and see though, huh. march 21st!!!

Well, about time for me to pack up at work, and go get some
food before I hit the grocery store. We learned that
STORE! LoL. Bad bad idea. Hope everyone is doing

Take Care!