Things to keep secret
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2001-05-01 16:05:12 (UTC)

I miss my father...

Well my father has been gone(passed away) for 12 years now,
in August. I hope that when I pass that he will be there so
that I can see him. He took his life for unknown reasons,
and I dont know probably will never know.

~~~~~~~~~~~~My period is late~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hubby and I are trying for another baby #4, sure is great
that it might have worked this time!!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~Hubby and I are snapping at each other~~~~~~~~~
It is strange that we are snapping because we never snap
this much, we think that we are this way I might be
pregnant. Well if so good, but hope my attitude is needing
to change.

~~~~~~~~~~~Grandma is making me mad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I think she is really prejudice more than grandfather, she
said we cant come down cuz grand-dad dont want blacks in
his house, hubby s black, kids are mixed, but they are
aloud, but hubby not. I think she never asked him, oh well,
as long as I am happy that is all that matters..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mom is a psychic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hoping that I can become one one day, looking into jobs
over my internet. I need money might call this one job

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Daughter is the next Shirley Temple~~~~~~~~~~
Things are gr8 with this she can make us some money, she is
so pretty and got the curls and the size.

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